Tower Bridge had to be the first blog post I make on my ‘Picture perfect postcard locations in London’ series.

It is massively visited every day by people from all over the world and it’s a beautiful London iconic landmark.

To add to it, it is also the photo location I visit the most with my clients, and The Heritage Package (where Tower Bridge is featured) is the one I am mostly requested for.

The many faces of Tower Bridge

Having taken photos of my couples with Tower Bridge as the background on a weekly basis, means I kinda know the ins and outs of it.

Throughout the times I’ve had to get more and more creative with each shoot and try to find different angles not only for my couple’s, but also as a way to keep feeling inspired to visit it.

And this is what brought me to you today: I am sharing my fave Tower Bridge photo locations with you and the approaches you yourself can have when visiting it on your own. But of course, booking me as your photographer would be even more fun!

Tower Bridge from afar – Northwest and East Side

Getting off at Tower Hill tube and walking down to the river bank, Tower Bridge will appear right around the corner from the Tower of London.

There is a lovely sidewalk between both that you can explore and take in the views. There will be a lot of tourists unless you decide to visit it with the sunrise (which I’ve done and it’s glorious!).

Most of my iconic photos with both my couples and Tower Bridge have been done right there.

You can also walk underneath it and cross to the east side (in front of The Tower hotel). It’s normally less crowded and the sunsets are lovely just behind the bridge!

Underneath Tower Bridge – North Side

I just love the way the light hits the river and it reflects underneath the bridge. The textures of the iron ceiling make lovely photo backgrounds and it’s one more area you can explore and play with!

Crossing Tower Bridge

I came to London the first time when I was 15 and I remember crossing Tower Bridge as if it were today.

Not being from London originally, it’s just this excitement as if you are meeting an iconic celebrity you’ve seen in films and books. Fast forward to my 30’s, I still get excited to cross it EVERYTIME!

Seing the Towers from underneath, the views of both sides of the river, the bricks and iron and that color blue. To me, it just feels like I really live in London (which I do), and I can only imagine that for my clients, who are mainly from overseas, crossing the bridge means they’ve finally arrived.

The South East side of Tower Bridge

Most people cross Tower Bridge and go directly to the West side towards The Mayor’s Office and The Shard.

That is honestly ok, but you are missing out on some fun!

I love bringing my couples to the East side first, as the architecture right after the bridge makes for amazing photo backgrounds. This street actually just came out on a few articles as a secret picture perfect London feature and I was happily surprised to know I was doing photoshoots there before it went famous.

Buttler’s Wharf Pier

My oh my!

Was I happy to find the little gate that leads to the river bank! This is probably the best tip of the day today.

Everytime I visit it in the mornings, on a low tide, me and my couples are one of the very few groups of people here.

Actually, I’ve never seen more than 6 people at the same time, and this just makes this photo location so special!

To get here, all you have to do is go towards the East side as you cross the bridge, and then find the little gate underneath the Shad Thames sign.

You can walk right by the river Thames, point up, and see Tower Bridge from bellow. It’s just such an exciting new way to capture it.

Tower Bridge from afar – South West side

It is such a good view too! From the Mayor’s office all the way until London Bridge and a bit further you can still see it very clearly.

The views of Tower of London on the other side, The Gerkin, The Sky Garden complete the atmosphere.

London is an incredible city, and everywhere you look is picture worthy.

But these were my tips for Tower Bridge Picture Perfect Postcards today.

If you decide to venture through them on your own, have loads of fun… but if you on the other hand decide you’d like to have me capturing all of it for you, you know what to do!

Hopefully this will get you excited to go out there and explore when the quarantine is over… It is a wonderful thing to look forward to, right?

Have a good day,


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