Hi, I’m luisa

your proposal/engagement & wedding photographer in london

My journey into photography began when I was just 12 years old.

Completely by chance, I happened to be given a camera and permission to be the only one allowed to get close to the couple due to it being a quite unusual setting: only I, the celebrant, bride and groom were allowed on the footbridge that led to the aisle in the middle of a lake.

This happened in the United States, and my whole family flew in from Portugal to witness the union. So not only was this my first wedding, I can proudly say it was also my first destination wedding.

That day pinpoints the first time in my life where I understood the power of communication and of how anticipating moments could lead to beautiful imagery and memories created.

In short:

Because I spoke both Portuguese and fluent English by 12, I was capable of not only understanding and capturing moments as they happened, as I realized I could also navigate amongst strangers and acquaintances, having them see me as a friend.

A safe character in the day they could relax in front of.

my path...

I moved to London for love, and to pursue a career as a Wedding Photographer. The relationship didn't last, but my path in luxury hospitality and Wedding Planning began to flourish as I supported my small business.

*Our ring photo by Luca Li.


The family traveled to the USA for Disney and a wedding. I fell in love with photography and human emotion.

We started planning our own wedding!






Single and living in London, I focused on photographing love stories.

I also got the nickname of "photographer globetrotter" from VOGUE Portugal!

I started photographing weddings for friends alongside my actual jobs. Something made sense in my heart.

I was born in Lisbon, Portugal. Raised in the Azores islands and in the mainland, my parents always allowed me to be artistic and curious.

*Branding from 2019. Photo by Gabriela Matei.

From first timers, to saying ‘I do’ a second time, my approach is always made with an open heart, kindness and reassurance.

My clients often recall their experience with me as one done with love, knowledge, reliability, a handful of suggestions and guidance, no judgment and a whole lot of fun.

And as someone who's been married and through a divorce, I have a special place in my heart for working with couples who like me have never stopped believing, and are now taking a new leap in love.

There is something very special, a specific kind of connection you make with a fellow woman divorcee, and I will always cherish the places our meetings go to whenever Starlings meet.

Speaking of special connections, I am an avid supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community, and anyone and everyone from any cultural background and race is welcome to contact me to be there for their union.

Later in life, I supported my small business through other jobs as a writer, journalist, tv producer, events manager and wedding planner. I became comfortable and knowledgeable in my skin navigating in any setting with a camera in hand.

More than just a proposal and destination photographer, my couples know that I'm there to lend support every step of the way.

From proposal to dance floor, I am a friend.

I represent a calm presence to the camera shy, a reassuring hand to the big planners, and another set of eyes to those who live life at a high speed.

I ensure that every moment is captured with grace and that the final result is timeless and special.

My travels across the globe added fluent Spanish and Italian to my repertoire, and earned me the title of “photographer globetrotter” by VOGUE Portugal in 2019.

I have been lucky to have made new friends in every proposal, engagement and wedding I’ve ever been a part of, and these are connections I’ll cherish forever.

Nowadays I am diving into materials and colors as I plan and decorate my new home with the love of my life.

Together, we own two ginger cats, and on every first day of the month we do something called ‘life dinner’. It is one of the hardest but most precious things I’ve ever done in a relationship, and proof that communication, kindness and love are all we need.

After all of my life’s experiences, good and bad, being loved the way I am now feels like having unlocked the ultimate level of the human ways.

Everyday I learn more about how life is so much better when shared, and try to stay humble and live in the present, especially when overwhelmed with new unfamiliar feelings.

Photo of our engagement done by

our dear friend Luca Li

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me.

I'd be honored to meet you too.


-  I love exploring the city, making my engagement packages more and more bespoke for my clients. Always with a coffee in hand (oat cappuccino, chocolate on top)

-  My daily yoga practice keeps me grounded, focused, and in shape during every demanding wedding season.

- Making fresh bread for breakfast is one of my guilty pleasures. My latest obsession is fluffy and oily focaccias.

- The book ‘A Monster Calls’ helped me greatly during the lonely months of lockdown, ‘Alone in a wide wide sea’ reminds me of my relationship with my family , and Stephen King novels spike up my passion for thrillers and moody light.

Ready to talk details?

- When we’re cozy at home we binge through shows like White Lotus and Succession. Parks and Rec and This Is Us follow The Bear as my top 3.