I was talking to a friend on the phone the other day, and he told me how lovely it was to see how I get all fired up (in a good way) when I talk about my work as a wedding photographer.

After giving it a thought, I realised he was right, my whole body communication had changed:

  • A rush of adrenaline was going through me like lightning
  • I was standing up and gesturing like Gordon Ramsay when he is happily doing his IG lives
  • I kept talking about how important my work was, the responsibility of it, the expectations and what it entails on my personal life
  • How we wedding photographers most times only get one chance to capture moments
  • But mostly, I was talking about the love that surrounds me on wedding days, and how I love it so much it doesn’t feel like work

With that in mind… I decided it was about time to explain you, prospective couples, how to book me as your destination and London wedding photographer, and why it would be the best decision too!


 How to book me as your destination or London Wedding Photographer

First of all, if you are considering booking me as your destination or London Wedding Photographer, I trust that you like my work.

You’ve seen my portfolio, my website, my Instagram or even my Pinterest, and you believe I could tell the story of your day like no one else.

That feels absolutely amazing! Means we have made a connection already and that you are spot on my dream client.

Step 1

So the next thing you have to do, is either email me at hello[at]luisastarling.com or go here and tell me everything about your big day!

With each new inquiry, I squeak with happiness like a little kid looking at her xmas presents.

I will then send you an email where I will not contain myself, and squeeeee at all the details you send me. Like, really. I will.

With that email, I will also let you know everything about:

  • Your investment on my work
  • What’s included on that investment
    • All our communication since moment ONE until the day I deliver your wedding photos
    • All my tips and access to the premium book of suppliers I’ve compiled over the years
    • Your engagement photos are complementary when you hire me as your destination or London Wedding Photographer
    • The hours of coverage of your wedding day
    • The hours of editing and telling the most truthful story of your wedding day
    • The number of photos I deliver
    • How I’ll deliver your photos
  • How your deposit and overall investment can be made
  • And what add-ons you can choose from


Step 2

If you still think you need to ask a few more questions, you can either email them back, or we can book a FaceTime call.

When the times we are living get safer and more relaxed, we can also meet for a drink or two.

After that, it’s up to you!

Step 3

If you decide that we are a perfect match, here are my next steps:

  • Sign my contract
  • Pay the deposit within 48 hours of signing – this will secure your date on my calendar
  • Start getting excited about the amazing wedding photos we are going to make together – You will officially be Starlings! I love this part of the adventure and honestly can’t wait to get started!

And that’s it!

WHY you should have me as your destination or London Wedding Photographer

I am going to do my best not to get emotional here. And I’ll also do my best to keep it simple and straight to the point.

The fact is that there really hasn’t been invented a word good enough to describe how much I love what I do.

The brides and grooms who have worked with me in the past know it well, because it’s more of a feeling rather than anything we can spell.

So trying to create something special, the idea of saying my own wedding vows to you came to life. I see them done all the time by my couples, and think we vendors should do them too!


My wedding vows…

Dear future client,

I promise full commitment to your day.

There for you during planning.

I will be the word of excitement you need, and the hand you can hold when things get challenging.

I will provide you with tips, solutions and ideas that come from my years of experience. From meeting other clients and their stories, and from what I have seen and experienced throughout the many weddings I have on my back.

I will supply you with vendors I trust, and I will keep our communication channels open at all times.

There for you on the day.

I’ll be the extra pair of eyes that will tell the story of your day. You will not need to worry about me ever, as I’ll be absolutely knowledgeable of everything planned for the day and any other detail you decide to share.

I will always make sure you and your partner look your very best, and I will be a friend, I will be support, I will be reliable on everything that is going on on the day. I will be punctual and I will be the face of trust.

Your family and wedding guests will see a friend in me, and they’ll have my full attention and care, and their stories will be told with love.

There for you after your wedding.

I will send you sneak peeks that’ll get you excited and nostalgic. Snaps that’ll make you laugh and cry with joy.

I will tell your story as it happened, and I will deliver it like the legacy it will become.

Your story matters to me. And I absolutely LOVE what I do.


And in the end of everything, I hope you know and trust that you’ll have a friend in me too.


OOoooff! I need to go breathe and take a walk!

Sending you all my love, dearest Starlings!

Stay Safe,


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