These are Eva and Enrique…

Dancing in the sand as when they met at Andanças (dancing festival) last year. Their eyes met, and sparkles went on!

He was teaching, and she went there with her girlfriends. Nothing happened during the time of the festival, but they couldn’t stop thinking of each other.

It’s as if their eyes were destined to meet, that moment when every second seems like an explosion of feelings, an inexplicable happiness for embracing that love that is unknown.

I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet these two, they look so in love!

This was the first shoot I did with Luisa where I felt like I was finally evolving and learning more and more.

She was making their “Save the Date” video, to send to all their wedding guests, and I had the chance to do the Making Off the process and witness how sweet they are with each other.

She (Eva) calls him her indian boy. And when he talks about her, his body moves with passion.

The wind helped giving the right feeling to the video, and I got to capture it messing up with Luisas clothes. She always ends every work with a smile and is not afraid to look silly in between. I feel so accomplished after each session… And this one really proved me that I am finally doing what I want to do the most. I’m realising every day how great the feeling is when you do something that you really love!

I hope that you, viewing this post, feel so in love as they do and have the will to dance and dance non stop.

Now that I’ve showed you the backstage, enjoy Luisas Save the Date video bellow:


Bia Sartling

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