Thomas and Alice contacted me to do The Londoner Package and St. Pancras Hotel London just before they returned to America after the Christmas Holidays.

St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel

I met them at St. Pancras first, as it’s where they were staying, and we had a blast snapping away.

Curiously, they didn’t know this is the hotel where the Spice Girls filmed their debut song ‘Wannabe’ in 1996! I have shot a wedding here before and it was so much fun posing the guests as album covers. hahaha!

This time, for their The Londoner Package and St. Pancras Hotel London photos, the hotel looked so beautiful with all the Christmas decorations still up.

We had to use the iconic staircase, and this was a great ice breaker to get the couple to relax and experience what it is to have their photos taken by me.

The Londoner Package

In central London, we began our photos in the South Bank. After that I took them to the iconic London views of the Big Ben and Westminster bridge.

As Big Ben is starting to come out of the scaffolding that’s been covering it for years, we did this one just so we can compare it in the future, to when they come back to London.

I promised Alice and Thomas we would meet in this location on their next trip to London and have a proper one done with Big Ben in all it’s glory. Can’t wait!

After that, we crossed Westminster bridge and went down the Thames to align them with the London Eye. I just love a bit of street photography and my couple in the middle.

We also did a lovely walk along St. Jame’s park and had a glass of wine at a local pub just before finishing up their The Londoner Package and St. Pancras Hotel London engagement photos by Trafalgar square.

The couple still had a bit of time before their afternoon engagements, and I suggested they visited Gordon’s wine bar for delicious wine and platters. I later saw on their Instagram stories they took my advice and had a great time there!

It’s one of my favourite places around this area in London, and has been the romantic background for some of my dates too 😉


Thank you Alice and Thomas!

I loved spending time with you and learning about your lives and adventures.

I can’t wait to see you again in London soon for our remake, and THANK you for choosing me!




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