Sara and Rui’s Engagement photos in London were so much fun to do.

Rui and Sara are both portuguese living in London. He is a creative copy writer and she is a youtube make up artist.

Creativity lives in Shoredditch and Bricklane, and because they were to have their wedding at the LX Factory in Lisbon, it only made sense that they wanted the overall look of their engagement photos to feel industrial and covered in street art.

Instagram brought us together!

I spend a lot of time planning my Instagram feed. It is super important to me that it looks neat and that each hashtag works with a purpose: to get to my ideal client:

Someone (or a couple) I will love working with, who is likeminded, fun and with which I can eventually become friends.

Rui found me on Instagram (YAY!), contacted me, we met for coffee and the three of us had instant chemistry!

We are all from Portugal, and we have the same expectations and fears and dreams to make it out here.

Our coffee lasted hours and from moment one it was honest and fun. Immediately, we jumped into planning their engagement photos, and they trusted me to show them around these two of my fave areas in London that make up The Urban Package.

The day of their urban package engagement photos had arrived

We met in the morning and started doing a few snaps at a very cozy cafe I LOVE in Bricklane. This way we could break the ice, start slowly, get them comfy with my camera, and set the tone for the rest of the day.

The day was dark and cloudy, but I do love the drama of London weather. For us it was just perfect, as it created this hip atmosphere, and I could play with them and the way light touched their faces. The Urban Package for sure looks amazing in a foggy, cloudy or drizzly day in London… All the street art just shines through and the bright colours give us the best backgrounds.

Working with amazing clients makes my heart sing

Rui and Sara are such a relaxed couple. As we walked, we shared stories of work, of back home, and had some great laughs. They love to compete against each other and we did use that throughout our shoot.

Having their trust to show them the places I know and all the little corners of Bricklane and Shoredditch felt like I was an alternative tour guide, and I was so glad to be able to share my knowledge of the area with them.

The day I decided to include the Nomadic Community Gardens in the Urban Package

Right by the end, I asked them if they had ever visited the Nomadic Community Gardens in Shoredditch. I often visit them when I’m in the area but I had never taken clients to see it. It’s just such an unexpected area in the middle of London, so colourful, artistic and creative, and they felt like the right duo to show around.

They obviously said yes and got very excited. We had such a great time and the photos we did there have such a special place in my heart, that I decided to include the gardens in my Urban Package on that day.

Making friends is the best outcome of a photo shoot

Coming out of the Nomadic Community Gardens and on our way to the Shoredditch Highstreet station we passed by a local food market with fresh veggies and homemade bread. Looking at all the delicious food, we couldn’t help it but to go grocery shopping together!

As we were choosing between courgettes and beetroots and freshly baked sourdough I wondered how lucky I was to be able to feel so comfortable with the couples who book me. It just feels so natural… and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

On our way to the tube we were reminiscing on the things we had done, and comparing our shopping, and talking about how we all couldn’t wait for their wedding day to arrive. And you know what? It was EPIC! But that’s a post for another day. 🙂

Thank you Sara and Rui. I love you!



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