Whoa… where do I start with Luisa and Alexandre’s Romantic wedding at Rio do Prado?

Maybe with the fact that me and Luisa met one day at lunch, and suddenly clicked. She already works in the wedding industry, and knowing so many talented photographers, choosing me to tell their story came as such a huge honour.

Then, while we kept talking, we found out her fiancée and my husband had been working together for about 5 years in the music/events industry, and that the wedding would be full of people we both knew, just to add even more fun to what would be an epic day.

For the rest of our relaxed lunch, the world just became full of little coincidences here and there, which meant it just started making more and more sense that we got to know each other for a reason bigger than her just finding me on social media.


Luisa and Alexandre’s wedding day prep

I do love the Rio do Prado venue, and curiously, I end up doing at least a wedding or two per year over there, which makes me really relaxed about the space. I know it like the back of my hand, and everyone who works there are true sweet hearts.

When it comes to being a wedding photographer, it’s not everywhere that makes you feel welcome, like you are part of the day and not just a mere servant. At Rio do Prado vendors become family, and that is why I always love coming back.

Alexandre, working in the music industry, wanted good music, good musicians and an amazing show. Luisa, working in the wedding industry, wanted something beautiful and romantic, so that’s how they split tasks, and they did SO well. Alexandre (aka Bira) prepared sets with a guitar player for their entrance, a jazz band for the cocktail, a cover Rock N’ Roll band for the party, and a set of two DJs for the after party.

Luisa took care of decor, concept, flowers, and everything that looked pretty.

She got ready at one of the suites, with all her gals, and while I was able to cover all those moments, Alexandre asked to not have his prep shot, as he was really nervous and wanted to spend time with his son.

She wore a dress by Pureza Mello Breyner and he had the coolest groom outfit I’ve ever taken photos of!

During their prep they would constantly text each other the sweetest things, like little emoji hearts, or saying ‘it was almost time’. My heart was bursting with love!


An emotional ceremony

If you think you’ve seen a man crying with emotion, seeing his future wife coming down the aisle, let me tell you I thought I had seen everything in this matter before… until I saw Alexandre’s reaction to his bride.

As soon as the music started, his legs lost strength, and the first sobs were the most contagious thing on earth. In a matter of seconds, not only was he crying, but the crowd was crying, and I was crying!

The ceremony was beautiful, full of great moments, like a little love story told by a toddler, a beautiful speech by Alexandre’s son, their best men and maid of honour.

Even though we were outdoors, you could feel the bubble of love surrounding us, and it just made this into another day I’ll forever keep in my heart.


Hugs hugs hugs

If there was a contest for the number of hugs given at a wedding, I think this one would make it to top 3.

And I am not just talking about guests coming to greet the bride and groom. I am talking about hugging all the time, everywhere, non stop.

Luisa and Alexandre would take each alone seconds to give another hug, or another kiss. Even while cutting the cake Alexandre stopped the moment at least three times to hug, of sweep Luisa of her feet and twirl around with her in his arms. The crowd was also easily ignited by any movement to just come running towards them both and do group hugs. This happened right after the ceremony, during cocktail hour, cake, and many, many times during the party.

One of my sweetest memories of this day is from when even I got to be in one of those hugs, when out of nowhere Alexandre picked me up from the floor and also twirled me around thanking me for being there for them (could my job be any sweeter?).

The rest you’ll be able to see in pictures. I don’t think there is anything else I need to say after this.

Oh, oh, oh! Maybe just the coincidence that we always seem to end up doing holidays at the same places (I swear I am not staking), and we actually spend a day together two months ago in Amsterdam that was SO MUCH FUN!

I love you both.

May you always keep showing the endless love you have for each other, and for life.

The song is ‘Should have known better‘ by Sufjan Stevens. I am currently listening to it non stop. Buy it here.

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