The train ride was soft. I had waken up early and couldn’t wait to arrive in Coimbra to meet these three. But then, in the midst of an awake sleep, I felt the train man saying “next stop, Aveiro!”. I had missed my stop. Luckily, the gentle sir helped me get on the next train back without having to spend on another ticket, and I arrived just on time to have a beautiful lunch with my new clients. They brought their baby dog with them, and we instantly bonded. She had just had a spinal surgery that allowed her to walk again and it was clear that she was happy to be independent like before.

The e-session went by so smoothly as I was being both photographer and turist in this town. I remembered nothing from my school trips to the student city, and J&R were the nicest guides ever.

I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in a few months, and see how the little lady is going with her walking and running.

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