Join us today in this beautiful and intimate Pub wedding at The Duke in Whitstable.

I know I say I have ‘all the feels’ all the time… but this one, dear prospective couples, is a love that crosses all barriers of love.

Blogging about this wedding gives me goosebumps all over my body. Makes me teary eyed, and makes me want to curse at the forces of the Universe keeping these two apart.

You read that right.


He is in the U.K. and she is in the U.S.A.

There’s nothing more in this world I want than for Leo and Carrie to be able to hug each other again indefinitely.

Without borders, bureaucracy, a pandemic and a stupid ocean in the middle…

I won’t go too far here, because I would love for you to read Leo’s words instead. Please do.

Reliving their story through the blog post he did in 2019 made me have ‘all the feels’, yes. And if you have a heart, you will too.

I know it took me a long while to write about this beautiful wedding, but it cannot wait any longer.

Dive with me in Leo and Carrie’s Pub wedding at The Duke in Whitstable, and please make sure you cherish the person by your side EVERY DAY. And that you know the privilege that is.


Leo and Carrie haven’t seen each other in person in two years. And I never thought my photos would be this precious memory they hold so dear for the reasons they do…

Today I spoke to Leo about sharing their wedding day here, and he said ‘ I’m always returning to those photos as it was the last real party I went to before the world ended. Such a great day’.

Ok, need to calm my heart…



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