The Queens Walk area where the Mayor’s Office is situated in London is another postcard perfect location.

I can never resist taking a few snaps of my couples either overlooking it from Tower Bridge or from the large piazza where it’s situated. This mostly happens during my Heritage Package, and it’s such a great spot to explore from different angles.

So as a part of my Postcard Perfect location series, today I’m showing you a few options you can get inspired by either when exploring on your own, or through booking me as your photographer.

In any case, photos will always look lovely.

The views from Tower Bridge

Tower bridge is one of my favourite locations for London engagement photos.

A few days ago I made an inspiration blog post about it that you can see here, where I shared my tips and tricks on how to get great snaps from all its angles.

Today we’ll start by being on Tower Bridge, overlooking the Mayor’s office. Get ready and join me!

Not only will you get lovely images of the river Thames, as the Mayor’s office and The Shard will turn your photos into must have postcards of London.

The transparencies created by the buildings’ architecture, its design, the reflections from the sun and clouds as well as the lights from inside the structure are what makes this building visually interesting to include in your snaps.

Just before the Mayor’s Office piazza

As you cross Tower Bridge to the South side of the river bank, you’ll find a lovely green area where loads of tourists and Londoners like to stop by.

Everyday you’ll see people laying down on the grass, having a snack, walking around with their dogs or playing with their children.

The area also has different levels in which you can sit down and enjoy the views of the North side.

Curiously, as I was writing this blog post, my dad sent me the photo bellow from my very first trip to London!

I was 15 years old and on one of our exploring days my parents brought me and my little brother to this exact green space overlooking Tower Bridge and the North side.

Little did I know London would become my home 19 years later.

At the Mayor’s Office piazza

The possibilities are endless here. Anywhere you turn is a great background for your photo!

Check some of my examples bellow!

The amphitheatre

It is also part of the piazza, but its circular shapes and steps deserved their own little chapter.

There is so much you can do here too if you just take the time to explore different angles and poses.

Just behind the piazza

I always feel like I’ve traveled in time and landed in a futuristic London when I explore this area behind the main piazza.

The office buildings, the architecture and the light makes such a contrast with the historic landmarks you can see on the North side of the river.

I absolutely recommend having a wander here, especially if you are visiting London in different times of the year, as not only will the light shine differently, as the trees and surroundings will be changing with the seasons too.

The view to the North side of the river Thames

And of course, nothing like turning your camera to face the river and embrace the London skyline from the Mayor’s office piazza.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip around a small but very photogenic area of London.

Hopefully it’ll be great inspiration for the next time you visit, and instead of passing by, have fun, stick around for longer, and play with your camera or phone!

I am also free to do this for you, if you, like my couples above, prefer to be stress free.



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