Pantelleria gave me a “male di cuore” (pain in my heart). I instantly fell in love with this mystical and beautiful island as soon as I got there for Pat and Mario’s wedding. It has always been my ultimate dream to be able to travel and work, and oh man… did they fulfil my dreams with this one.

I will post more pics of the prep and full day soon (OMG, so cute!), but for now, here is a bit of their love session, done the day after their wedding since, well… Mario threw Pat in the swimming pool right after they said “I do”. So we kinda had to wait for the dress to dry! This was done at Balata dei Turchi at sunset, one of Pat’s fav spots in the island. They had been dating for 10 years, and between that time, and countless travels, they agreed that if they ever got married, it would be there. And they did.

Love, Lu*

PS: Oh, by the way, he and his guests got me in the pool as well. All dressed up for work. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! Glad I saved the camera, though!

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