Today I invite you to join Casey, Daniel and guests at their Palace of Fine Arts wedding in San Francisco.

But first, you’ll come with us into gorgeous San Francisco city hall to get their marriage license. All the feels and hugs and smooches. Even a little dance!

Sleep tight, and watch the whole prep the next day at the heart of Japan town.

Then, I’ll take you to see them getting matching tattoos with the wedding date just before ceremony, and join me in shedding a tear or two at their emotional vows exchange.


The day ended with a beautiful intimate dinner with the closest friends and family, and I can say that in my career, this was one of the happiest weddings days of my life.


I know you’re already familiar with this couple…

I’ve shared their London engagement photos here, and a quick impromptu engagement in the USA here.

From the first moment we met, I knew they were my kind of people. We just clicked…

Doing their Palace of Fine Arts wedding in San Francisco became the closing of a beautiful circle, that I believe tied our friendship even more.

The five days I spent with them in California will be with me forever. Thank you, Casey and Daniel (and little O.)

Getting the Marriage license

I have always had a thing for bridges.

And crossing Golden Gate always brings me so much excitement.

Maybe it’s the feeling of being “closer to home”, as it is the sister bridge with the one from my Lisbon.

Or, because we were going into the beautiful City Hall in downtown San francisco to get Casey and Daniel’s marriage license.

As I always bring my camera along, I was able to document the little feels and emotions.

After getting the much needed papers, we visited the Palace of Fine Arts so we could plan their first look, and so that I could see it for the first time.

Next… well, we went wine tasting for the wedding!

Prepping at the iconic Japan town

Casey is a huge fan of Japan culture and Manga. So it only made sense to start the day at the heart of Japan in San Fran.

Now, I am only a simple girl from tiny Portugal… so I can openly say that this was in no doubt my favourite hotel I’ve ever spent a night in!

In the morning, I was able to visit both Casey and Daniel in their separate bedrooms for prep. I love the contrast of going to one and the other and after being able to tell both stories together.

Just a few days before I had found San Francisco vintage postcards in a local shop in town, and I bought them for each as a token of how grateful I was to be there. The postcards became part of the story of the day.

I truly couldn’t wait to capture all the feels of their Palace of Fine Arts wedding in San Francisco.

Their first look at the Palace of Fine Arts!

Hmmm… how can I describe this?

A first look is something that started happening within the American wedding culture and that other couples in more countries are adopting, and I understand why:

1- It’s such an intimate moment for the couple with a huge emotional impact that will stay with them forever

2- They see each other in their wedding attire for the first time at a planned location. No interruptions or other people’s reactions around. They get to really observe and feel

3- The couple gets alone time to share their excitement and emotions before the craziness of the day

4- Time really does slow down in this moment and they get to breathe

5- It’s a great opportunity to do their couples photos right after. They’re freshly ready to start the day, and once they’re done, it’s just out of the way for them to live the rest of the wedding uninterrupted.

Casey and Daniels first look was beautiful, filled with emotion, some tears and loads of hugs. I seriously cried.

A little side note: Casey shared with Daniel in this moment that I had been the one putting the leafs on her hair while in the car. It completed the look, and I got so smug about it.

Tattoos in town!

This was something I was very much looking forward to capture. As if the day wasn’t perfect enough!

The sun was shining, it was hot, the city was vibrant and excitement was in the air.

Getting into town with my couple, they couldn’t wait to get their wedding date tattooed.

Casey has several tattoos already, so this isn’t big news to her… But Daniel doesn’t have the same experience, so it was SO sweet to see her soothe him while he went first.

Friends also started gathering to have a sneak peek, and from the tattoo shop, it was time to get them officially married!

Case and Daniels Palace of Fine Arts wedding in San Francisco

Family and close friends started gathering as the couple arrived.

Emotions were high and hugs were flowing. It was so beautiful to see how loved these two are.

One of Daniels sisters officiated the wedding while everyone gathered around underneath the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts rotunda.

The exchange of the vows was such a perfect and emotional moment. Everyone had a tear in their eyes.

Their intimate wedding breakfast

After another huge hug session, and family portraits, everyone drove down to Belga for drinks and dinner. (Unfortunately, Belga is now closed permanently)

I absolutely love covering a smaller wedding. I can tell the couple has real quality time with everyone and little bubbles of moments happen in a more intimate setting.

The wedding breakfast was a gift from Casey’s ‘grammy’, and it was lovely and emotional.

The speeches were heartfelt, and we ate SO WELL!

Casey’s maid of honour is a talented cake designer, and she offered to make it for the couple. Can I just say OH EM GEE! It was absolutely delicious!

After dinner, the crowd started dispersing, and only a small group stayed with the couple. We hopped into a few bars, saw some karaoke, and kissed them goodbye.

This was the last time I saw them in person since. Damned be this pandemic! But one thing is for sure: I will be seeing them and their little daughter very very soon. Because nothing can keep this friendship apart.

Thank you, my darlings, for allowing me to be there on now so many special moments of your life as a couple. 

Meeting you has made me a better person, and a lot of my professional career dreams come true.

I am forever thankful for your kindness, love, and our conversations.

Your friendship means the world to me and I am so happy that we stay in touch on a regular basis.

Can’t wait for one more hug!



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