Today’s post goes to Leigh and Davide’s microwedding at Newham Town Hall.

I love the story I have with this couple, and soon you’ll understand why.

How we met

Leigh and Davide were sent my way through Aline, a photographer I am a huge fan of, and that I got to work for three times at the end of 2021 as a second shooter.

Leigh and Davide contacted me to shoot their Microwedding at Newham Town Hall, and quickly we started trying to align our agendas to see when we could do a little FaceTime call.

Soon we realised our schedules were a bit crazy, and agreed on an early 7am call before work, and rules were: we’d be in our pyjamas, no makeup/no fuss, and coffee in hand.

What happened next was that we had the sweetest sleepiest call of my life, and Leigh and Davide hired me on the spot.

We decided to get coffee and do a quick taylor made engagement shoot to meet in person too.

What exactly is a microwedding?

Some couples are into hiring a photographer to cover the whole day: From each other’s preps, to first look, ceremony, couple’s photos, bridal parties, all the way until the end of the party.

For others, it makes more sense to hire a photographer to cover a short Town Hall ceremony, plus family pics and confetti exiting the venue and that’s it.

That’s what a microwedding is. Straight to the point. Short and sweet.

I love them because they are like a shot of adrenaline. They’re also as emotional as longer weddings, and most commonly local, which adds to a bit of normality to my otherwise crazy destination/travel lifestyle.

They’re not for every couple, and THAT’S OK.

I love to adapt to my client’s needs and do something bespoke and special whenever I can fit a smaller wedding.

There can also be a few added hours to a microwedding!

With most microweddings, the main focus is the ceremony, but there can be a few added bonuses:

  • Couples might request that I cover prep and ceremony.
    • This adds to capturing the lovely intimate moments that happen during preparation, makeup and hair. Sometimes a relative shows up with a special gift, or an impromptu emotional moment takes place.


  • They might also ask me to cover couples photos either just before (like we did with Leigh and Davide’s Microwedding at Newham Town Hall) or after ceremony.
    • I love doing this because so much thought goes into getting the outfits and the looks together that it’s only fair to the couple to give them professional photos of them fully ready.


  • Sometimes the couple ask me for ceremony and a few more hours into their reception or lunch.
    • This is lovely too because I get to capture all the feels and hugs that lead into the begining of the celebrations, and so many unplanned moments can happen.

Leigh and Davides Microwedding at Newham Town Hall

I met the couple for photos just before the ceremony. They were both so happy and luminous.

I had checked on google maps and found out that there was a park nearby Newham Town Hall.

It only seemed fit to challenge the couple to walk over there.

This way they could have portraits done and a few moments alone before their ceremony and seeing friends and family.

We had a lovely time together, and it was so lovely to see them respond to people’s good wishes on the street.

By the time we arrived at Newham Town Hall, friends and family had gathered, and we were ready for the ceremony.

It was so lovely, short and sweet. Emotional too.

We were constantly followed by a phone on zoom where family and friends from all over the world joined in.

Especially parents from both sides.

Leigh had also asked me for a confetti shot right out of ceremony as she had seen it in a few of my galleries and IG photos…

So obviously, it had to be done!

The aftermath of this Microwedding at Newham Town Hall

I said goodbye to the couple and guests after ceremony and they went for lunch at a lovely Italian restaurant.

Through the words of Leigh and Davide, they had such a beautiful day, filled with love and hugs.

A couple of weeks later, I was surprised with a gift at my doorsteps. I confess I shed a tear or two.

In a beautiful bag I had:

  • A plant, a candle, a bottle of champagne and a letter from both, thanking me for covering their day.


Do you think a microwedding is for you?

If the answer is yes, don’t hesitate to contact me, and we can talk about your plans!

If not, that’s ok too. Your wedding should be YOUR WAY, and whatever you decide to make of it is just RIGHT.

Just remember to include me, as I’d love to tell your story too! 😉

Thank you for trusting me with your wedding L&D!

It was such a pleasure to meet you since day one. I hope our friendship lasts and that we get to see each other again soon!



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