Get ready to dive into Clara and Rui’s destination Industrial wedding in Portugal, and find out why I loved their day SO MUCH!

When the universe brings people together

I am a true believer that the universe makes us cross paths with people for a reason, and the first time I exchanged emails with Clara, she was packing to move to the UK, just like I was!

She and her fiancée Rui, with Chinese and Portuguese origins had both found jobs in London, and would be moving a few months ahead of me.

So besides wedding talk, we ended up talking about areas in London, where to faster open a bank account, our fav places, and that we definitely had to get together as soon as we were both settled for some tea and chat.

The rest is history!


Clara and Rui’s fab Industrial wedding

Clara and Rui wanted a destination industrial wedding in Portugal.

Their wedding venue was going to be at one of my favourite spots in Lisbon, and where I actually began my self-employed journey as a wedding photographer: the very industrial and funky LX Factory. Home of entrepreneurism, coworking, street art and fierce dreamers. And because Clara is Brazilian, the Brazilian Pavilion was the perfect event space.

The day started cloudy, and I believe they had someone out there in the sky looking out for them. Summer in Lisbon can get really, really hot. And I mean, melting hot. But on Clara and Rui’s day, it was fresh, and the clouds covered the sun just enough for me to have a beautiful light. Just perfect.

The ceremony happened outdoors and curiously, their officiant was the same that got me and my husband married!

Clara’s choice for a wedding dress was Grace Loves Lace – Hollie which I have always LOVED and Rui rocked his blue tuxedo.


Things I’ll always remember with joy about this day

Having done more than 100 weddings in my lifetime, there are always those things that stay forever. In Clara and Rui’s case, these are my absolute fav:

  • Seeing Clara’s mum reacting to the engraved names on their wedding rings (“fatty” and “hottie”);
  • one of the bridesmaids accidentally brushed her teeth with tooth plaque paste instead of tooth paste (they still laugh about it today because I caught it on camera, but decided to keep her privacy while making this post);
  • Rui made their wedding ring box out of Lego, as well as the cake toppers;
  • Clara’s cousin did their grandmas’ makeup, and it was the sweetest thing;
  • witnessing Rui’s relationship with his brother, so gentle and caring;
  • the moments I caught on camera between both mums during the wedding day (tots emosh!)
  • Rui crying while Clara came down the aisle (like, really sobbing. The sweetest thing EVER!)
  • the fun vibe everyone had, specially both bridal parties. Laughter was a constant!
  • but most of all…

the fact that I felt so at home with both Clara and Rui.

They are such a special couple and such a strong team. I wish them all the happiness in the world, and that we see each other again soon in 2020!

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek into their day!

Barbara Araújo was my second shooter

The song is by LCD Soundsystem – oh baby. Buy it here.

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