My first trip to Lake District is one I’ll never forget. Specially because I met them.


Simon and Michelle’s last trip together

Simon and Michelle met at the arrivals of Bulgaria’s airport last year, and because life simply has its wonderful ways, adventures just kept on happening.

From the U.K., to Burning Man, to Iceland… their souls have been in perfect sync, and I was lucky enough to cross paths with them, as through a friend of a friend, we ended up in the same car, on our way to Lake District.

This trip, though, had a very special meaning, since it was their last until April 2018, or until life brings them together again.

Michelle is currently sailing around the world, from Australia to Istambul with her parents, and Simon is planning a trip to Senegal.

As a seeker of love and emotions, I found out the universe had sent me on their path to capture bits of their last days together, and as I struggled throughout the various peeks we hiked in Lake District, every time I caught a glimpse of them, they were definitely making sure this trip was epic for both.

Not only on landscapes, but also on human touch, connection, emotion.

Each embrace reminded me of why I do what I do. And even though I was completely broken after two intense days of mountains and snow, I knew I had captured something epic, that will last a lifetime.

By the way, the dog is called Monkey, and she has been Simon’s most loyal hiking companion for 15 years now. Even though her legs aren’t as strong, she still enjoys the wonders of nature, and the warmth of his backpack (she stayed at home on day 2, don’t worry).

Hope you are having a lovely winter and Christmas, and that 2018 brings you all your biggest desires to life!

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