Zara and David’s boho tipi festival wedding in the UK was filled with so much love!

I had met Zara the summer prior while working on a project for a big client. We had worked for months in a row, and everything was just so easy and natural.

So you can imagine how happy I was when she asked me to be her wedding photographer.

This was also the first time I worked for an international huge company, and little did I know this was just the beginning of such a beautiful friendship.


You just never know where meeting people will take you, and let me tell you a little secret…

You see, on the same month of her wedding, I got officially divorced.

No one knew I was going through it, but I made it through a whole wedding season!

I was just SO grateful for my couples and the fact that even though love felt like it had left me, it was beautiful to see others finding their people.

A month after Zara and David’s boho tipi festival wedding in the UK I gathered my courage and contacted a few of my clients asking for help.

The wedding season was over, I had gone through a financial shake and a lot of adaptation after almost 10 years together, and needed more work.

Zara was one of my brides who helped me the most, bringing me to work with her, and literally saving me from having to go back to live in Portugal.

The work I did for the same company as her made me discover so many amazing projects and people, took me travelling to New York city, and made me survive through the first year of the pandemic and lockdown.

I am forever grateful for her, and she knows this, as I’ve told her many times.

I am so grateful we met. So so so grateful.

But let’s now travel to the day before her and her partner’s wedding day!

I always like to arrive wedding locations the day before. I enjoy making a little bit of location hunting, and if my clients need help with wedding prep, I am always happy to contribute.

This not only helps me meet family and friends before the wedding day, as everyone also gets more used to my presence, and on the day I am not stranger but a friend.

The difference it makes in the final product is astounding. Trust me.

So when I got to the location where Zara and David were going to have their boho tipi festival wedding, I was ready to work.

Eram, my dear friend from Boom Blooms had been hired to do some of the flower arrangements, and I was so happy to be reunited with her too.

Everything was going so well.

The couple had a wedding rehearsal, friends and family were helping with everything from stamps, to setting the tipis and the decor.

There was only one problem: You just never know how the weather is going to me in the U.K., right?

And because maybe we just needed a little bit of stress, it started pouring cats and dogs!

And even though this could have brought everyone’s spirits down, nothing shook this couple, and they were SO ready to get married!

The big day had arrived!

We didn’t know how things were going to go with this boho tipi wedding, but the excitement was in the air.

Zara and David had prepared what looked like a smaller (and much better) version of Coachella festival with their tipi wedding, and things were going smoothly.

I took photos of David’s prep at a local hotel, and drove to Zara’s parents place nearby.

I’m going to let you get immersed on this day and will add only a few comments to a few moments.

I think you’ll understand very quickly why this wedding is and will always be so dear to me very soon!

The cake scare!

There was a little scare with the cake… but boy, if it had to happen to someone, luckily, Zara is a talented home baker herself!

She saved the cake and I confess I’d love to see her on bake-off one day! She would kick butt for sure!

Seeing her so collected and calm fixing her wedding cake showed me just what she is made of.

Zara and David’s ceremony

Zara and David had a humanist ceremony. I blogged about this style over here on this post. Check it out for inspiration.

It was truly a beautiful ceremony. Very heartfelt and sweet. And gosh, did everything looked beautiful too!

Zara and David’s boho tipi festival wedding was one of those where wherever you pointed your camera at, everything would be picture perfect.

One moment of silence to look at their couple and wedding party photos…

I was so grateful Zara and David trusted me fully for their couple’s photos.

We had a chance to do their engagement pics a few weeks before, and that certainly helped, but they were just so happy on their wedding day!

Also, I got to fulfil a big dream of mine with them and their wedding party. Keep scrolling and you’ll se my pride and joy: the smoke bomb photo!

All about the details!

The details on their boho tipi tent were so lovely. The seating plan was located at the entrance in such a creative flower installation.

The table setting was simple and beautiful, with some Portuguese wine being served (you never go wrong with Portuguese wine btw!), and the flower installations above our heads were just so dreamy!

Every guest had a little wooden tag with their names on it (even me!) and the table numbers were so simple and tasteful.

One of my favourite details was that some of the guests were gifted an apron. And that meant they were the designated chicken carving masters at their tables.

Surely generated a lot of laughs, and was just such a great idea!

Speeches were so heartfelt, and love was in the air.

When I said above that Zara and David’s boho tipi festival wedding was a smaller and much better version of Coachella fest, you’ll keep seeing why.

But here are some insiders tips: donut wall, outdoor games, glitter station, candy station, s’mores area, photo booth, and only one of the best music times I’ve EVER experienced at a wedding.

Honestly, I danced the night away too!

The memorable work picture moment.

Zara really wanted to have a photo taken under this tree that felt so boho movie-like. I am so glad I got to get all her work colleagues together for it.

To me it feels like they could all belong in a successful  Netflix office series.

Lucky for me too, I got to work for a few of them in the following months. I am truly lucky.

Thank you so much for choosing me to tell the story of your boho tipi wedding in the UK, Zara and David.

It was such an honour to be there with you and to meet your friends and family.

I will never forget these two days and I am so grateful for the relationship we got to build during and after your special day. It’s something I’ll always cherish. Truly. Thank you.



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