Sara and João were a month away from getting married at the beautiful Costa da Caparica beach.

I had had the honor of being the photographer chosen to shoot their wedding and just couldn’t wait for the day to arrive.

But first, nothing like doing and engagement shoot for them to always remember this awesome moment in their lives (yes, being engaged is part of the magic of getting married!) and it could also work as a rehearsal for their wedding day, since they were pretty concerned with the fact that they didn’t feel comfortable in front of a camera.

Surpassing the fear of looking good in engagement photos.

The reason why I love working with all kinds of couples is because they challenge me to adapt every time. It’s like every time I get together with my clients I embark on a new adventure, where I need to figure out if they are the posing type, the unposed type, if they run away from me every time I point a camera, etc etc.
I quickly realised Sara and João felt like they didn’t know what to do and what scared them the most was not feeling natural or like themselves. So after a good London-Lisbon Skype call where we got to really know each other well, I felt brave enough to suggest something I had been dying to try, but I always need the right couple for each idea that comes up to my head.

Using what makes them unique

João is a surfer, Sara has this super competitive nature in her, they got engaged at the Carcavelos beach and they are always joking around with each other, making crazy plans and going on adventures.
In my head, I had always imagined this holi powder fight between a couple, but had not yet found one who wouldn’t mind getting dirty… but guess what? They loved the idea and ordered biodegradable powder the next day! This was the perfect solution for their fear of cameras, specially because they would be concentrated in something else.

The holy powder fight and final result

I swear I almost felt sorry for them (ha!). They were looking so clean and beautiful, but truth is, they just couldn’t wait to get dirty. And if you look at the before and after fight photos, they difference in their state of mind in front of camera is astonishing! It worked, and I believe we took that fear away, by simply giving them space for them to be who they are.

Another proof of that is their wedding day. OMG just you wait until I show you how amazingly relaxed they are, and how gorgeous they look. <3
But you’ll have to keep coming here to see when that comes up! ha!
Cheeky cheeky. <3

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