Sofia and Malte’s wedding was a big first for me, and all because I had never before done a Portuguese and Irish wedding with influences from India!
Curious? Keep scrolling down!

The beginning

Sofia and Malte met while working at an Irish pub at Lisbon’s very touristy and awesome night out spot of Cais do Sodré.
They instantly became friends, shared their life stories, and Malte’s eagerness to learn Portuguese (which he now masters) was just the cutest thing ever. Soon enough,the chemistry started to flow.
Sofia comes from a Portuguese traditional family, but she has always been a free spirited girl. Her love for travels and adventures, specially for India and fresh vegetarian flavors were just the type of things that matched with Malte’s soul, a very down to earth boy, who sees kindness and beauty in everything.

The promise

During one of their travels to India, both of them bought traditional indian ceremony outfits. They love the country so much, and feel such an amazing connection to its traditions, that they promised each other that they would wear them on their wedding day if they ever got married. They didn’t get engaged that year though, but the unbreakable vow was made.

On another trip to their favourite country, and after Malte could finally end his quest to find the most beautiful view to get down on one knee, he proposed, and the outfits came out of their wardrobes.

The wedding day

I only met them personally on their wedding day, but because of our long-distance skype calls and messages, we felt like we had known each other for longer time.
They welcomed me to Almaa hostel (where the party and wedding breakfast would take place) with so much love, and made everything in their reach to make me feel at home, that I instantly felt like part of the family.
On Malte’s side, he was so proud and excited to show us the wedding rings which he had hand carved himself. After getting ready, he quickly left to the Praia das Maçãs, the beach where he would set the area for their DIY alternative wedding along with his dad.
At the hostel, friends and family were busy doing the loveliest DIY decor while Sofia was getting ready, and even I got to help at that, when she was having troubles finishing her braid, and I stepped in to help and do it from scratch (I have a thing for hair. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always had this thing for braids, and it sure came in handy on this day! Eeek!).
Sofia got dressed in this beautiful green house, with help from her maid of honor and her mom, who was still soaking in all the alternativeness of her daughters wedding, but being so supportive at the same time.
The ceremony was beautiful and emotional, maid of honor and best man led the moment in English and Portuguese, and as it got more and more heartfelt, I could also feel the crowd getting closer and closer, embracing the couple.

About alternative weddings

The thing that I love the most about doing alternative weddings is that anything can happen. There is this openness to unplanned moments that doesn’t often happen in other more traditional weddings, and that can be tricky, but 100% out of 100% makes them just epic and unique!
After the ceremony there weren’t many plans on how things were gonna go, so before being embraced by all their friends and family, Malte and Sofia suggested they all held hands and went towards the water. I just went with the flow!

Following this beautiful heartfelt moment, we all drove back to the hostel where the rest of the day was about good vegetarian food, good wine and Irish beer, celebrating friends and dancing to everything from folk to electronic, to live violin playing.

We just couldn’t get enough of this “no-rules-just-have-the-best-time-of-your-life” kinda day.
It reached a point when Malte and Sofia invited us to also come have fun and dance with them.

We did, and we took our shoes off, and the grass felt fresh, and this tune set the tone to the rest of the night.

Thank you Malte and Sofia, for having me here on this magical day. May you always shine like you already do. May you always be blessed with happiness and love.


Have a wonderful week!

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