If you come to this journal often, then these faces are easy to recognise. Their engagement shoot was one of my favourites EVER due to its authenticity and to how much fun Sara and João simply are when together.

Plus, their beach wedding was one for the books!


Why having a beach wedding

It all began with João’s magical proposal to Sara. It was NYE and the sea and sand was touching their feet.

When planning started, they knew they had to have a beach wedding that was relaxed, intimate, and within their Adventist beliefs and culture.

The chosen beach was Costa da Caparica, at the Leblon venue, with a very simple yet beautiful and light decor.

The theme and sitting plan was all about their favourite beaches and surfing spots, and even me and Hugo (my Starling Videographer) had our names written down to join them in the main dinning area (so honoured!)


All the details count!

João and his best man were matching to the very last detail: with white shirts, suspenders, camel trousers and PAES beach shoes. João wore a navy blue jacket too.

Sara designed her own dress and invited her bridesmaids to use their creativity as well, using the same choice of fabrics.

The ceremony was tailored beautifully, with musical moments sponsored by their friends, conducted by a very talented adventist pastor, and Sara and João’s vows were emotional, honest and poetic.

Each hug was heartfelt and many tears rolled down everyones cheeks.

On our side, I have to say it is not everyday that me and my team have the privilege of working without our shoes on, running in the sand and even checking how cold the Portuguese waters are.

It is with extreme love that I remember some of the best moments of this day:

  • like when Hugo, my videographer, told Sara during make up prep that she looked really beautiful and she started crying (tears of happiness, of course!);
  • when during formals Sara and João kept laughing because of one of the best men, who read jokes from his phone to help them go through this traditional but sometimes long lasting moment;
  • the boys playing football in the sand;
  • the delicious veggie food the couple was proud to have chosen for everyone;
  • and also when João’s father played an incredible jazz, and with his band was one of the high points of the day.

To just really end it on a high note, please press play on the song bellow, read Sara’s vows that I have translated to Portuguese, and scroll through their day.

Hope this will bring joy to your Monday evening.

“Once upon a time, there were me and you. Inseparable and reliable friends.

Once upon a time, there was I, who had always looked at you in a different way, and then there were you, conqueror of my heart, whom with love and your embrace brought me here today with a fulfilled life.

You have always taken care of me and made me feel so special. My biggest wish is that our embrace becomes eternal, and that our home is always filled with this love that has kept us together until now.

Once upon a time, here I am, still so in love with you, and here you are, forever in my heart.

And then you and me, became Us.”

Have a great week!

The song is called “You remind me of you” by Jack Johnson. Buy it here.

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