Tower Bridge engagement photos – Cori and Brandon

Cori and Brandon contacted me all the way from the USA to get brand new and exciting photos of them done by the iconic Tower Bridge in London.

They had just gotten married and were so excited about their trip.

On our email exchange, Cori shared photos of her wedding, and told me all the details. I genuinely LOVE wedding stories, and diving into theirs just made me get to know them better, and it also set the tone for when we met personally.


Working with laid back couples is one of my fave things!

Since moment one it was all about laughs and hugs. Cori and Brandon were a such a relaxed and  fun couple to work with. They trusted my recommendations, danced, giggled and smooched loads. Ha!

It’s just such a surprise when you’re about to meet your couples for the first time. You don’t know if the chemistry is going to flow instantly, if they’ll like you, if they’ll be open to follow your suggestions, so I never really sleep easy before a shoot. I want it all to go smoothly and fun, and with Cori and Brandon it just reminded me of why I am a photographer.

They made it seem like I wasn’t working, and there are no better days than that.


Tower bridge was their choice of a London photo souvenir with me

Their were all set on planning the time they’d spend in London and my Tailor-made package was the one that fit their needs best. One quick hour of shoot (although we kinda reached two because too much fun), one location, BOOM, done.

Tower Bridge is one of my most visited backgrounds for couples portraits. It’s one of the most iconic landmarks in London and it’s so elegant and beautiful. I still get so excited about crossing it either by walking or driving through it, and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of taking photos of it.

I dare to say that my couples agree with me too, because since I’ve created my Engagement Photo tours, The Heritage Package is the one I get most requests for, and it stars Tower Bridge as the main location.


Teaching them my little tricks

I have made a blog post in the past about the ‘Starling Squeeze’ and you can read about it here. I do believe this is one of THE BEST photo tricks in the world to get the most out of a hug. All the chills and feels come up, and with couples, it just brings the best of what reflects their relationship.

Other things we tried out were:

  • Dancing

Cori and Brandon were recently married, do I asked them to show me their first dance as we were under the bridge. This also works if a couple is about to get married and are beginning to practice their routine. I especially love it if it gets messy and they break out laughing. It’s all about having the camera ready and wait for the magic to happen.

  • Whispering naughty things

I can’t hear them (Thank God! ha!), but waiting to see the partners reaction to what is being said is all I wish for! The results are always so lovely and it makes it for very unposed and natural photos of both. Keep scrolling down and you’ll see what I mean!

  • Cuddling like the world is going to end

After the ice has been broken and a couple is more comfortable in having me taking their pictures, another of the things I love to do is to let them have a moment to soak it all in. The location, their feels, what they have for each other. So I step back and wait for it all to unfold in front of me. More often than not, I get beautiful gems like the ones you can see here. Just honest, intimate and beautiful love.


All the good things come to an end…

And I had to say goodbye to these two after our shoot. In my memories, a great day for couple’s photography, and the honour of having met yet another amazing couple.

I wish them both a lifetime of happiness, that we keep in touch, and hope to see them again soon! Maybe in one of my next trips to the States!

As for me and Tower Bridge, I’ll see it very soon, once this madness is over!



In my life I've always aspired to be able to hold love in my hands. To capture it in its most genuine form.

That fraction of a second where life doesn't repeat itself again.

That is why I became a wedding photographer.

Adding to telling the stories of beautiful diverse couples, I travel all year long.

Vogue Portugal called me a 'photographer globetrotter', and I felt very honored.

I hope you stay for a while. Grab a cuppa, and enjoy my blog.