Safe is the word. Not stuck.

I’ve seen a lot said about being “stuck at home” due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

In the face of what’s happening all over the world, I believe a change of mindset is needed more than ever.

This is not just about me, it’s about us. All of us. And if instead of thinking we are “stuck”, we start saying to ourselves we’re “safe”, the way we see this quarantine becomes a more positive environment to live in.


5 affirmations to add to your morning meditation

I am SAFE inside because I want to keep my body healthy.

Because I care for others, I am SAFE inside.

I stay SAFE inside so this can end quicker.

We are SAFE inside so we can hug our loved ones in a more near future.

I am doing enough. I am enough. And I am helping by staying SAFE.


J.k.Rowling once more shows she knows it all

I am a huge fan of Harry Potter, and every time I am feeling I’m in a bad place I turn to Dumbledore’s words from book 3:

‘Happines can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light’.

This is what I choose to do. Turn on the light.


Believe you are enough, and life gets easier

In doing the best that I can, I believe I can bloom.

And that can mean to turn to creativity, to allow myself to rest when I need, or read, or listen to music, or go online and see friends and reassure my couples their weddings are still going to be beautiful.

Feel your feelings, allow your body and mind to accept what is happening, and believe you are better safe inside than out.


Little disctractions for you

I’ve been in isolation for a month now, and I’ve been in a place of total procrastination (because I needed to, and there is no shame), and I’ve also been through moments of huge productivity.

I choose to go with what I feel, and respect what the body is asking to do.

With that in mind, here are some things I’ve either written or done/listened to I’d like to share with you, if you’re ever lost or bored:

Made by me:

  • If you’re getting married sometime this year after the pandemic, let me help you with inspiration to write your vows.
  • If you just got engaged (congrats!) here are 5 sugestions on how you can have your ceremony.
  • My cats Rissol and Xamu can teach you their tricks for quarantining in style.
  • Travel to London with me and visit the iconic Tower Bridge
  • Get inspired as my brides show you their bridal style choices and bouquets


By others, that I’ve greatly enjoyed:

… Or am still enjoying!

Nice little radio station in the artic that plays Jazz, swing, big band, vintage country and blues. It was made insta famous during an instagram live I’ll talk about next, and in one night it went from 3 followers to 60K!

Sorry, this one is for portuguese speakers only. – Every night of the week (not weekends), from 11pm to 1am, comedian and writter Bruno Nogueira goes live and invites his friends to join him along in sketches, improv, dance performances or singing. This has made my nights and I drift into sleeping not only after quite a few giggles, but also with the greater feeling that we are all in this really together.

I am on 30 days of yoga now and counting. It’s made such a difference on my mental health. It is also an excellent workout if you pick her longer yoga routines. If you are just starting, she launched a 30 day challenge with 10 minute easy routines and today was day 14. It’s lovely, and you are more than on time to join!

Stay safe. Turn on that light!



In my life I've always aspired to be able to hold love in my hands. To capture it in its most genuine form.

That fraction of a second where life doesn't repeat itself again.

That is why I became a wedding photographer.

Adding to telling the stories of beautiful diverse couples, I travel all year long.

Vogue Portugal called me a 'photographer globetrotter', and I felt very honored.

I hope you stay for a while. Grab a cuppa, and enjoy my blog.