Our very own wedding day!

We are away this week, and that is because for the very first time, in 3 years being married to my best friend, we are finally celebrating in style!

The year #1 we were at my parents and didn’t get the chance to do something big. The year #2 my Miguel had to work and I had dinner with my best friends and a picture of him at the table… so this year we said ‘NO WAY’, and decided to book flights to Portugal and run away on a romantic trip around the fabulous Algarve.

As always, we have sat down and watched our wedding video, and cried our eyeballs out.

It was such an intense build up until the big day, and many people were sceptical towards our ideas, but we stayed true to who we are as a couple, and little by little, our day became the exact reflection of us, and I am SO PROUD.

To everyone who contributed the #festadaluedomiguel, and came to our wedding, this is a toast to you as well.

It was absolutely perfect because you were there.

To the love of my life: honey, words can’t describe what I feel for you!

As for our photo and video team, we love you for all the memories you collected. We still can’t thank you enough for the hard work, friendship and storytelling quality for all that happened on our day. This post today is also a toast to you. Vanessa, Ivo and Marta: THANK YOU!



In my life I've always aspired to be able to hold love in my hands. To capture it in its most genuine form.

That fraction of a second where life doesn't repeat itself again.

That is why I became a wedding photographer.

Adding to telling the stories of beautiful diverse couples, I travel all year long.

Vogue Portugal called me a 'photographer globetrotter', and I felt very honored.

I hope you stay for a while. Grab a cuppa, and enjoy my blog.