Dutch Korean wedding in Wimbledon, London: Da Jung and Brent

My beautiful bride Da Jung found me on Instagram one day, and she made me believe in the power of social media like never before.

A few first emails were exchanged and after a Skype call with both I was totally in love.

Brent is Dutch and Da Jung from Korea. Every time they looked at each other I could see the sparkles and the fireworks. Seriously, I could feel the love through our call.

Flying to London for their wedding

To have a destination wedding in London was really important to them because of Brent’s British grandparents who shouldn’t travel at their age.

With this in mind, they began the adventure of planning their day through long-distance emails, calls and visits.

They both would have friends flying to London from everywhere in the world, and Da Jung was even more excited to be able to bring part of her family from Korea to witness such a beautiful exchange of vows.

The ceremony was to take place at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Wimbledon and the rest of the day at the Woodlands Park Hotel.


They planned all the fun!

But one of the high moments of the day, surely was the red double-decker bus they rented to bring their guests to and from church!

Fully decorated with their wedding branding, and with the sweetest bus driver, both journeys were made with excitement and happiness. Brent’s father was overly excited too, as he had always had a huge passion for buses, and even owned one just like this one in Holland!

Brent’s sister was the planner for their day, and both bride and groom’s outfits came from Brent’s mother bridal shop.

You could definitely see her pride when helping them getting dressed, and I bet this had been a moment she had been waiting for through all her life. Not just to see her son getting married to a wonderful girl but also being able to help them with her couture outfits.

Da Jung was gifted not only her wedding dress but also her party dress in a beautiful lavender color, and that looked amazing on her.


Details that will stay forever

As for extra details on the day, my partner in crime was talented videographer Jag whom I met on the day and we totally clicked, and one of Da Jung’s uncles was one of the funniest uncle Bobs I’ve ever seen in my life. He followed me everywhere with the bride and groom, and took the same photos I did with his phone, and even assisted me when needed!

But the best feeling in the whole wide world was when Da Jung sent me the feedback for her photos. Her and Brent were so happy about them that it made my heart sing. And as an extra gift, they even texted me their friends and family’s feedback too. I cannot resist ending this blog post with them, as it made my day, and ALWAYS makes my day, every time I read them:

‘The photography is, without any doubt whatsoever, a delight’

‘The young woman you chose as a photographer clearly knew her stuff – to capture so much with the ease and happy demeanour she displayed is remarkable and an incredible achievement’

‘Yet the outcome remains spectacular!’

Thank you Da Jung and Brent! I will never forget your day, or your kindness towards me and my work.

*The song is Between The Bars by Elliott Smith

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