Bridal Styles and bouquet inspiration from my brides to you

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Every bride is unique, and their wedding choices for their looks reflect just that.

Throughout my 6 year career in weddings I can proudly say I’ve met some of the most beautiful, creative, smart and funny women ever, and I am so proud of them and grateful for having been their choice as a photographer.


Light content for a stay at home Friday

Today’s post is light but filled with inspiration, colour and style.

If you are a bride to be, great! Hopefully this post will help you define your style clearer. If not, well, it is still a joy for sore self-isolation eyes! Seeing my beautiful brides brings memories of happy times, expectation, adrenaline, family, friends, hugs.

Combining a wedding dress with makeup, hair, nails, shoes, hair accessories and flowers is no easy task, and it takes a great effort and time to pull it all together.

It is through them and because of them that all the magic happens, and I will leave you to dive into their bridal styles and bouquet inspiration freely.

Some of these weddings have already been blogged and you can also jump into seeing more details, others are on their way.

I also wish I could share all of my bride’s photos here, but 6 years worth of weddings would make this post enormous. I’ll keep it in mind to do more of these as they are so much fun!

Enjoy the inspo!



See more of this wedding here.


See more of this wedding here


See more of this wedding here


See more of this wedding here


In my life I've always aspired to be able to hold love in my hands. To capture it in its most genuine form.

That fraction of a second where life doesn't repeat itself again.

That is why I became a wedding photographer.

Adding to telling the stories of beautiful diverse couples, I travel all year long.

Vogue Portugal called me a 'photographer globetrotter', and I felt very honored.

I hope you stay for a while. Grab a cuppa, and enjoy my blog.